Elevator Cab Interior Ceilings

Custom elevator ceilings, satisfying all your aesthetic and functional requirements

There are two general styles of elevator ceiling, and creative possibilities for custom ceilings. The basic styles are grid style or island style ceiling. Generally elevator ceilings do not touch the cab walls, allowing a couple inches of clearance for air to circulate to the cab's exhaust fan. They are also suspended below the cab dome/canopy by two or more inches in order to allow for light fixtures and air flow. All ceilings must have a removable section in order for rescuers to gain access to passengers through the dome top emergency exit in the event of an emergency.

2000 M Street, Washington DC


Island Style Ceiling has a solid core laminated with a finished surface such as plastic laminate, stainless steel or bronze. Finishes are installed in a manner to conceal the removable section which will align with the existing dome top emergency exit. Recessed down lights are then installed in the ceiling in a quantity to adequately illuminate the elevator according to the required lighting level.

An island style ceiling with LED down lighting and top mounted indirect accent lighting is shown in the photo above.

Highline Apartments, Hyattsville MD


Grid Style Ceiling is a lightweight aluminum t-grid layout with openings that receive lay-in panels or light diffusers. If light diffusers are used then fluorescent or LED light strips are generally installed to the cab dome. This will properly illuminate the cab through the light diffusers. 

A grid style ceiling with light diffusers and LED strip lighting is shown in the photo above. 


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