July 7, 2021 Posted by Mickey M. Elevator Interior Remodeling

Is it time to renovate your elevator cab interior? Are you having trouble figuring out where to start? Don't worry, you can use this post to guide you through the decisions that will have to be made through the entire process. Elevator cab interior remodeling can be an exciting project to plan and design.

When is the right time to consider elevator cab interior remodeling?

Over time elevator interior finishes get worn and damaged. Elevators are one of the most used pieces of equipment in a multi-story building. It may be time to consider an elevator cab interior remodel if you observe the following elements.

  • Dents, chips or scratches in the wall panels
  • Dents, scratched car front wall
  • Delaminating wall panel plastic laminate
  • Delaminating ceiling panels
  • Loose elevator door cladding
  • Loose or missing flooring or wall panels
  • Loose or missing handrails
  • Oxidized Metal finishes
  • Dim or missing lighting
  • Outdated interior finishes

Points to consider

Keep these factors in mind if you are considering elevator cab interior remodeling

  • Work out an available budget for the project
  • Work with an elevator cab interior remolding company as they are licensed professional
  • Custom elevator interiors are a great way to save money as custom interiors are often less expensive than a pre-built cab package
  • Custom elevator interiors are a sure way to get the quality craftsmanship for the best price
    Metal refinishing is an excellent way to rejuvenate your decorative metal surfaces without complete replacement
  • Elevator cab interior remodeling projects take on average 3 to 4 days per cab interior. Plan for your elevator to be out of service for that period of time.
  • Whenever any weight is added or removed from an elevator cab, calculations must be done in order to figure out if rebalancing of the elevator is needed
  • All work inside an elevator cab requires a permit from the county or district your building is located in

Types of elevator cab interior remodeling

Repair or Replacement - fix a specific area of an elevator cab interior that is damaged. Often one or two panels will get chipped over time. An Elevator cab interior company can match the existing material, fabricate and install replacements for the damaged surfaces.

Wall Panel Replacement - Replacement of only the wall panels in an elevator cab interior.

Ceiling Replacement - Replacement of an outdated or damaged ceiling. Often lighting systems are integrated into elevator cab ceilings.

Lighting Replacement - Replacement of old halogen light systems for LED lighting is common practice. Also, replacement of damaged light systems.

Handrail Replacement

Flooring Replacement - Replace damaged or outdated flooring with new selections. Vinyl, rubber and carpet tiles are excellent selections for elevator cab interiors.

Car Front Cladding - Car front walls are often clad in architectural metal. This gives the car front wall a clean finished look.

Car Door Cladding - Car doors are generally clad in architectural metal which matches the car front wall

Full custom elevator interior renovation - complete interior project includes ceiling, lighting, wall panels, reveals, handrail, flooring, car front wall cladding, elevator interior door cladding

Remodeling cost

Plan thoroughly to keep materials and upgrades within the budget. Customizations have a varied range of pricing. Having custom elevator interiors is a good investment. This type of modification can add value and a long-lasting impression to your building.

Summing up!

Custom elevator interiors are the best based way to get exactly the look you want for your elevator cabs. No matter what the aesthetic issue may be with your elevator interior, there is a way to make it look fantastic. If your building's elevators are in need for some elevator cab interior remodeling, check out Chesapeake Elevator Interiors Inc.www.ceii-cab.com