Rossyln Heights, Arlington VA
Wall Textile Fabric and Stainless Steel

Rossyln Heights elevator interior renovation project was one of a kind. The elevator interior wall panels are wrapped in fabric. Upper wall panel fabric is a ivy pattern while the lower wall panels are a textile pattern fabric. The upper and lower wall panel sections are segregated by a satin stainless steel chair rail. Integrated into the top and bottom the chair rail are mirror polished ribs that run horizontally throughout the elevator cab interior. The frieze and base match the chair rail design. This elevator ceiling is a satin aluminum grid frame with lay-in egg crate light diffuser panels. Lighting used in this elevator cab are florescent fixtures attached to the cab dome. The flooring for this cab is a vinyl tile with a double border. This cab design is both elegant and tasteful.

Elevator Cab Rear Wall
Elevator Cab Side Wall