Remmington Place, Fort Washington MD
Textured Stainless Steel & Plastic Laminate

The Remington place elevator cab interiors are a modified upper/lower wall panel design. All wall panels in this cab are flush mounted. The corner panels, chair rail panels and frieze panels are black plastic laminate. The main upper and lower elevator interior wall panels are fabricated with architectural textured metal. Each textured wall panel is wrapped in satin stainless steel panel binders. This island style ceiling is satin stainless steel with integrated LED down lighting. The base is recessed and made of satin stainless steel.

Architectural textured metal wall panels are an excellent choice for high use elevator cabs such as freight elevators. The textured surface offers great scratch and dent resistance compared to other materials choices. Panel binders also offer excellent wall panel protection because they wrap around the outer edge of the entire panel. This strengthens the panel by reinforcing the outer edges. It also offers protection against cracking and chipping and de-lamination at the edge of the paneling. Combining textured metal and panel binders is the best option if you want an elevator finish that will remain in good condition for many years.

Elevator Cab Rear Wall
Elevator Cab Side Wall