Vista Laurel Highlands
Textured Stainless Steel & Plastic Laminate

Vista at Laurel Highlands elevator cab interior project is designed with an upper/lower panel pattern. Both the upper and lower elevator wall panels are fabricated using architectural textured metal. This cab's elevator ceiling is satin stainless steel with integrated LED down lighting. Flooring for this cab is rubber tile and the handrail is satin stainless steel. The reveal material for this project is a brushed satin black plastic laminate. Contrast between the unique reveal color selection and the textured metal wall panels really make this elevator cab interior stand out.

Elevators for this project are located in the parking garage area of this apartment complex. Material selections were carefully chosen due to the heavy use, high traffic location of the cabs. The rubber flooring will withstand heavy foot traffic and large equipment such as rolling carts and bicycles. Textured metal wall panels were selected due to the strong dent and scratch resistance. These elevator cab interiors will stay in tip top shape for a long time due to the careful selection of interior finishes.

Elevator Cab Rear Wall
Elevator Cab Side Wall