Hilton Hotel, Alexandria VA
Plastic Laminate and Stainless Steel

Hilton of Alexandria elevator interior renovation provides a classic look to a modern elevator. The elevator interior wall panels are book matched wood veneer, wrapped in satin stainless steel panel binders. Panel binders provide a classy look as well as provide increased protection to panel edges which can chip and crack easily through daily use. The island style ceiling is mirror polished stainless steel with integrated LED down lighting. Lighting is specifically designed to meet individual cab light requirements. There are handrails and guard rails on each wall of this elevator cab. The guard rails at the bottom of each cab wall offer added protection to wall panels against impact from carts and large objects. Handrails and reveals are satin stainless steel and match the panel binders. The stainless steel ceiling, reveals and panel binders accent the wood veneer wall panels very nicely, making them truly stand out.

Elevator Cab Rear Wall
Elevator Cab Side Wall