Fairview Park, Falls Church
Laminated Glass, Plastic Laminate & Stainless Steel

Fairview Park elevator cab interiors feature an upscale upper/lower wall panel design. Our elevator interior renovation consisted of the installation of new ceiling, lighting, reveals, handrails and wall panels. The island style ceiling is a six section ceiling made with wood veneer. Lighting in this cab is recessed, located above of the ceiling. The recessed lighting is attached to the top of the elevator ceiling and reflects light off the cab dome and frieze. This effectively back lights the area above the ceiling as well as illuminating the entire cab cab interior. The upper rear elevator interior wall panels are wood veneer, fashioned in a grid layout which matches the ceiling. The upper side wall panels are white laminated back painted glass. This cab's lower wall panels are fabricated using architectural woven metal. Both the upper glass panels and the lower woven metal panels are wrapped in a satin stainless steel panel binder. The panel binders offer added protection and support to the wall panels. Reveals and flat bar handrail are fashioned from satin stainless steel. The Fairview Park elevator cab interiors incorporate numerous high end materials resulting in a stylish architectural design.

Elevator Cab Rear Wall
Elevator Cab Side Wall