Huntwood Plaza, Alexandria VA
Plastic Laminate & Textured Stainless Steel

Huntwood Plaza elevator interior project displays a popular upper/lower wall panel design. The upper wall panels are made with wood grain plastic laminate. The lower wall panels are textured stainless steel. This cab ceiling is mirror polished stainless steel with integrated LED down lighting. Reveals and handrail were fabricated using satin stainless steel. The flooring is caret tile. Huntwood plaza elevator is a classic business style cab, ideal for office or commercial buildings.

Architectural textured metal such as what was used on the lower wall panels of this elevator cab interior have increased resistance to damage. This type of material is popular for use in elevator cabs due to its impact resistance. The texture adds strength to the panel surface, making it both dent and scratch resistant.

Elevator Cab Rear Wall
Elevator Cab Side Wall