Dolly Madison, McLean VA
Plastic Laminate on Plastic Laminate

The Dolly Madison elevator cabs have plastic laminate directly adhered to the cab shell. High Gloss white laminate is used on the top half of the cab. Wood grain laminate is applied to the bottom half of the elevator cab. One inch stainless steel flat bar was used to overlap the plastic laminate seams for a clean finished look. This elevator cab interior has a stainless steel ceiling, base and handrail. The ceiling has integrated LED downlighting specifically designed for lighting elevator cab interiors properly.

Direct adhered plastic laminate is an excellent option for small elevator cab interiors. Appling laminate directly to the cab shell maximized the available space inside the cab interior. Overlapping the edges of the plastic laminate with the flat bar stainless steel gives the cab wall added protection. Wall impacts from foot traffic or large rolling items will make contact with the flat bar before contacting the cab wall. The flat bar stainless steel also adds some contrast and shape to the interior of the elevator. This elevator cab interior is both functional and aesthetically pleasing to its passengers.

Elevator Cab Rear Wall
Elevator Cab Side Wall
Elevator Cab Corner Views

This view shows how the stainless steel flat bar and the plastic laminate come together in the corner of the cab for a clean professional presentation.

The second view shows the plastic laminate and flat bar stainless steel meeting the car return wall at the front of the elevator cab.

Elevator Cab Corner Corner
Elevator Cab Front Corner