4400 Jenifer St.
Plastic Laminate and Textured Stainless Steel

4400 Jenifer Street elevator cab renovation was designed with an upper lower wall panel layout. The upper panels are plastic laminate with satin stainless steel panel binders. Panel binders surround the outer edge and face of the wall panel. This provides excellent protection to wall panels which prevents chipping and cracking that happen to panels without edge protection. Wall panel binders also give an elegant finished look to the any elevator cab interior.

The lower wall panels are made from textured stainless steel. Textured stainless steel is an ideal choice for lower wall panels because they often receive the most abuse in an elevator cab. Textured stainless steel wall panels offer scratch and dent resistance. This is ideal because lower wall panels tend to get beat up from the high volume of traffic most elevator cabs receive. Textured stainless steel panels are stylish and look fantastic inside an elevator cab.

This elevator's ceiling is island style with integrated LED down lighting. The ceiling, handrail and reveals are all made from satin stainless steel and compliment the rest of the cab finishes well.

Elevator Cab Rear Wall
Elevator Cab Side Wall