2000 M St, Washington DC
Wood Veneer & Textured Stainless Steel

The 2000 M Street elevator cab interior has a Corner Wall Panel design with large textured stainless steel center wall panels. The island style ceiling incorporates a unique lighting scheme. Lighting consists of LED down lights which are integrated into the ceiling, as well as recessed lighting above of the ceiling. The recessed lighting is attached to the top of the elevator ceiling and reflects light off the cab dome. This effectively back lights the area above the ceiling. The elevator interior wall panels are a combination of architectural textured metal panels and cherry wood veneer corner accent panels. The textured metal wall panel edges are wrapped in a satin stainless steel panel binder. Panel binders offer a clean finished look as well as added protection from day to day use. The flooring installed in this cab is a porcelain tile.

Elevator Cab Rear Wall
Elevator Cab Side Wall