200 Towson Town Blvd, Towson MD
Plastic Laminate & Stainless Steel

200 Towson Town Blvd. elevator cab interiors feature a Vertical Wall Panel layout. This elevator cab has a satin stainless steel ceiling an incorporates eight LED down lights to properly illuminate the elevator cab. The reveals in this cab are black plastic laminate. Elevator cab interior wall panels are a wood grain plastic laminate with satin stainless steel panel binders wrapping the edges of each panel. Wall panel binders offer superior protection to the edges of panels, preventing cracking and chipping from daily use. The handrails are satin stainless steel flat bar with bent returns which curve inward towards the panels at either end. Flooring for this elevator is a stone pattern vinyl tile. The finishes inside this elevator cab interior give is a simple look and a professional feel.

Elevator Cab Rear Wall
Elevator Cab Side Wall