1020 N. Quincy Street, Alexandria VA
Plastic Laminate and Stainless Steel

The North Quincy Street elevator cab interiors have a upper and lower wall panel design. Its upper and lower wall panels consist of plastic laminate. Each elevator wall panel is wrapped in a satin stainless steel panel binder. The reveals and island style ceiling are satin stainless steel. LED lighting is integrated into the elevator ceiling and designed specifically for elevator cab interiors. The flooring is two toned luxury vinyl tile. This type of flooring is excellent in elevator cabs due to its resilience to high foot traffic.

Wall panel binders are good options to include in your elevator cab wall panel design. They offer excellent protection to the edges of the wall panel. This is the most common area for a wall panel to become damaged. Wall panel binders also offer a clean, crisp look to the elevator cab interior.

Elevator Cab Rear Wall
Elevator Cab Side Wall