January 22, 2021 Posted by Mickey M. Elevator Interior Blog

Today, elevators are less of a luxury and more of a necessity for all of us. If you wish to update the elevator cab interiors in your office building, it's not a difficult task. All you need to get custom elevator cab interiors is to locate a reputable service provider. Carefully selecting an elevator interior renovation company for your next project is an important first step. Give yourself the ability to enhance your buildings curb appeal and with a stunning visual focal point for your lobby. Custom elevator cab interiors are a head turner and conversation starter. Material selections and interior design choices are almost endless. Incorporate aesthetic appeal and rugged durability into your next elevator cab project. The other option would be to select a pre-manufactured interior cab package from the other guys and receive standard non-durable cookie cutter elevator cab interiors.

The reliable elevator cab interior designer

Yes, with custom elevator cab interiors, design planning begins with budget and function. Your available project budget will determine the types of materials that will be obtainable for your elevator cab interiors project. The function of your elevator will further refine what types of materials and finishes you want to select for your project. If your elevator cab is used as a passenger elevator then you may be more inclined to consider aesthetically pleasing interior finishes. However, if your elevator cab is primarily used as a freight elevator, it's more important to consider material finishes that can withstand abuse. It is also important to consider the type of traffic frequenting your elevators cabs. If passengers are abusive to your elevators it is wise to consider incorporating vandal resistant materials into the elevator interior design.

Chesapeake Elevator Interiors, Inc.(CEII) is one of the leading elevator interior companies with design expertise that can improve the look of the elevator interior to suite your specific needs. CEII serves the greater Metropolitan Washington DC area including Northern Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland and Baltimore. We regularly serve building owners, property management companies, architects and construction companies. Our company is a one stop shop for all your elevator cab interiors needs. Chesapeake Elevator Interiors, Inc. hosts a wide variety of services such as elevator interior protection, custom interior finishes, lighting, interior cladding, exterior entrance cladding, metal refinishing and interior repairs. www.chesapeakeelevatorinteriors.com

Why choose Chesapeake Elevator Interiors, Inc.?

Minor interior cab repair or entire cab interior remodel, whatever it is, the competent team at this organization does a complete job from the initial consultation to project completion.They assure:

Durability: material selection during the design phase is a key aspect of a long-lasting elevator cab interior. There are many material types that are extremely durable as well as having aesthetic appeal.

  • Customizable: All elevator cab interior projects are individual to each client. Work with us to design the elevator cab interior that fits your building and your budget.
  • Code Compliant: Any type of work to an elevator cab requires specific licensing and permitting. Additionally, each state and county have specific elevator codes that must be followed in order to keep each elevator with in code compliance.
  • Environmental-friendly: We do our part by using environmentally friendly materials such as non-toxic adhesives and eco-friendly fabrication materials.
  • Enhance your building: Make your elevator cab interiors the focal point of your buildings lobby. Our custom designers will make your elevator cab interiors eye catching and durably rugged through a project specific material selection process. Renovating your elevator cab interiors, will help to enhance the look of your building.

Whether your buildings elevator cab interiors need a minor repair or a complete elevator cab interior renovation. Chesapeake Elevator Interiors, Inc. is here for you. Our care and compassion for our work shows on all our projects. Friendly staff is here to help you through the entire process. Please follow the links below to visit our website and see what we have to offer. Our Portfolio page is loaded with past work we are proud to showcase. If you are in search of an excellent company for your next custom elevators cab interiors project. Then Chesapeake Elevator Interiors Inc will serve all your needs.www.ceii-cab.com , www.ceii-cab.com/portfolio