A custom elevator cab interiors renovation can seem like a large undertaking. Like any other project it can sometimes be difficult to find a starting point. Now a days there are many options ranging from material color selection to which type of lighting to use. Most of the time it is often helpful to start small and work your way into the project as you gather more information. There are many benefits to freshening up the look of your elevator cab interior. An elevator interior remodeling project provides the opportunity to give your cab a new look. It also provides the chance to design the cab interior in a way to better protect its interior finishes. These considerations during the elevator cab interior design phase of the project can keep your elevator cabs looking fresher, longer. A good place to start for any project is information gathering. There are many components to the interior of an elevator cab. You may want to start by figuring out a work scope for the project.

What specific parts of the elevator cab interior do you want to update? Various sections of an elevator cab interior include:

  • Ceiling: Island or grid style suspended from cab dome, often including integrated lighting
  • Wall Panels: Decorative panels that attach to the interior elevator walls giving a unique look
  • Flooring: Generally rubber or vinyl tiles available in a variety of colors and patterns
  • Metal Cladding: Decorative metal installed on the interior cab front wall, cab doors and jambs
  • Lobby Entrance Cladding: Decorative metal installed on the elevator entrance doors and jambs
  • Reveals: Decorative metal or plastic laminate adhered to the cab shell in between wall panels
  • Lighting: Illuminates the elevator cab interior, often integrated into elevator cab ceiling
  • Handrail: Safety device installed on the side and rear walls of an elevator cab interior
    A complete custom elevator cab interiors renovation includes replacement of the above interior parts. Based on your budget and the condition of your buildings elevator cab interiors you can decide what to include in you project. Elevator cab interior design can often be an enjoyable phase of the project. Here you can put your creativity to work. I like to get an idea of what others have done with their elevator interior projects. Personally I like to search the internet. There are plenty of custom elevator cab interior pictures that can be found by preforming a general internet search. Key words like "elevator cab interior design" or "custom elevator cab interiors" are good places to start. Select the images filter in your favorite search engine to view a plethora of elevator cab interior photos. Another idea would be to check out various elevator cab interior company websites. Often businesses will showcase their work on the portfolio page of there website. Check out this link, www.ceii-cab.com/portfolio , it's a good example of an elevator interior companies' portfolio page.

Finally, your ready. Your budget is set. You have a scope of work for the project and a general idea of the elevator cab interior design you like. All that's left is to reach out to a local custom elevator cab interiors company. These companies are full-service businesses that specialize in elevator cab interior renovations. They are knowledgeable on all code requirements and will have the required licensing needed to preform work inside elevator cabs. Hiring a contractor not specifically licensed and insured for work on elevator cabs can lead to extreme safety risks as well as large fines for the contractor and the building owner. Make the smart choice and hire a professional elevator cab interior contractor to complete your next elevator interior renovation. Elevators are complex pieces of machinery designed to move your up and down safely. An elevator interior renovation is a great way to spruce up your outdated elevator interior. A custom elevator cab interior renovation project can seem overwhelming at first. Remember to start with the basics by forming a scope of work and a budget. Do some research an get some design ideas in mind. Figure out what parts of the cab interior needs to be updated. Contact an elevator cab interior company and work with them on an elevator cab interior design. Remember to take each step of the process one at a time and before you know it your project will be well underway.