Crystal Gateway, Arlington VA
Laminated Glass & Stainless Steel

This elevator cab interior is clad in satin stainless steel. Our elevator interior renovation consisted of the installation of new ceiling, lighting, reveals, handrail and wall panels. The grid style ceiling incorporates satin aluminum frame grid and translucent poly-carbonate light diffusers. Elevator lighting is attached to the cab dome and diffused through the grid ceiling to dispense the light evenly across the entire cab. Reveals in this elevator cab interior are satin stainless steel. The handrail is round with bullet ends and is made of satin stainless steel. The elevator interior wall panels are made out of white back painted laminated glass and wrapped in a stainless steel panel binder. This combination of materials give the elevator cab interior a stylish futuristic look. Stainless steel wall panel binders also add protection to the edges of each wall panel, helping to prevent day to day damage.

Elevator Cab Rear Wall
Elevator Cab Side Wall