August 11, 2021 Posted by Mickey M. Elevator Interior Blog

Custom elevator cab interiors are an exceptional way for organizations to elevate the focal point of their lobby. The high-quality panels are highly durable and can with stand prolonged use without undergoing any form of wear and tear. The best millwork or wood laminates present a solid economic benefit and relieve business owners of the added burden of extensive remodeling post-installation. The cost of remodeling your elevator cab interior can vary depending on material types used. Real wood verse a wood grain plastic laminate will raise or lower the cost of the over all project significantly. Custom cab interiors translate to more savings for the business along with a plethora of other benefits.

Custom cabs and its particulars

You can opt for the design of custom cabs as per your specifications. Most clients want a particular type or a design they have not seen anywhere else. The elevator interior designs can include custom door cladding with laser engraved etching and wood veneer wall panels for a clean and modern look. All components are quality crafted for years of reliable service.

Custom elevator cab interiors can be considered a form of artwork. Material combinations are almost endless. Some consider an elevator to be the soul of a building. There is no limitation to the style or design of custom elevator cab interiors. So, be creative in the design process of your next elevator interior design.

The custom elevator cab interiors consist of many handcrafted doors panels cut from solid wood veneer panels, which gives them a natural look and feel. Next, the veneer panels finished with decorative plating match the rest of the building.

A brief knowledge about using wood for the custom elevator

Using natural wood for the custom elevator cab interiors gives the cab a classic and elegant look. The wood also gives it a homely feel. While natural wood is heavier than other materials, the heavier feel gives it extended durability and stability for more prolonged usage.

When using real wood for cabs it is essential to choose high-quality millwork or wood laminates to match the overall quality of the custom elevator cab interiors. The high density of these materials makes it possible to have more panels in the cab. This allows making a large variety of different designs.

Real wood elevator interiors can undergo finishing with multiple coats of paint. It is a good idea to use the same paint on the paneling as you use on the rest of the cab. This will ensure that the two will appear as if made from the same material. Installed by sliding into place without adhesive, the panels can fit together perfectly. This eliminates the need for tedious measuring, cutting, and drilling. By using this process, it becomes easier to create a more sophisticated elevator interior design.

Summary: Custom elevator interiors can help you cut back on time between remodeling projects because the panels are long-lasting. Appealing elevator interior design saves a significant sum of money as it does not require you to hire extra personnel to do the installations.